We have our own brand of equipment

Over the past few weeks we have been working on sourcing our own brand of equipment that meets our high standards. We have went with an OEM of one of the LARGEST known brands in the USA.

Merry Christmas

We would like to take this time to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas. Please remember that after all the presents are done being unwrapped to place the large boxes and the trash in to a public dumpster. Thieves would love to know what to be expecting inside your home. Please stay safe and alert of your surroundings.


US Marshals arrest suspect in Hopewell armed robbery


On July 7th suspect De’Sean Couch of Petersburg was caught on one of our demo unit getting in to the get away car. Police commend our system to providing the needed info leading to the arrest.

Not fetured on the Local News

A local car used car dealership contacted our office about a theft from there property and asked if we could come take a look at there surveillance system. On arrival the business owner told us were and what had happened then she directed us to there system. With knowledge of they brand of system she had we were able to pull up quickly the time and date when the suspect was on property and pulled some quick snap shots of him. With permission from the owner we remote controlled to the system later that night and was able to pull some more video and pictures from the system. We were able to pull the make and model of the his car and also that he had a can of monster in his hand upon exiting his car that was later found on the ground of the dealership. After doing some frame by frame still shots from the system we were able to pull the tag number from his car and the police located and made the arrest. The business owner asked if we would accompany them to court and we did to be able to provide photos to the court. The suspect Stephen M Bates was already in custody with another charge and was found guilty of theft from the car dealership. *NOTE some photos not shown for protection of dealership.


As the demand for a better quality and more economical friendy system we have gained a new partnership with a vender to provide the latest and highest quality to you for your property.  Below are a few pictures to look through. Please contact us for a product demo.

Brief Demo

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